Suitable for materials with small and medium breaks or very absorbent (such as Travertine), it is obtained through the use of special epoxy resins, liquid or thixotropic, in combination with fabrics and mats, fiber-glass. 

The realisation of the Basic One system does not require any particular equipment but rather the learning of the application technique and the use of the right products and materials. 
Basic One provides for the bandaging of the block, with a limited penetration into the surface of the material and a final thickness of the shirt of 2/3 mm., but allows to obtain a bandaging suitably resistant forall materials with slight fractures or very absorbent, such as travertine; these materials, in fact, for their morphological characteristics are comparable to sponges and with the vacuum system would absorb toomuch resin, with an unjustified increase in the costs of restoration and the real danger of contaminatingwith resin the inside of the block.

Slabs obtained by sawing a resinated block with the BASIC ONE system. We may notice the frame in resin and fiber glass that "contains and embraces" the slab, which is essential in order to prevent breakage, prior to application of the reinforcing fiberglass net.

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