Suitable for materials with small, medium and large breakages, it is obtained through the use of special epoxy resins, liquid or thixotropic, in combination with fabrics and three-dimensional fiberglass or carbon fiber.

The realization of 3d Sys does not require special equipment but the learning of the application te-chnique and the use of the right products and materials. 3d Sys provides for the bandaging of the block,with a penetration into the surface of the material identical to the basic system but allows to obtain a shirt very resistant to traction, torsion and vibration of the gang saw. These properties derives from the fact thatthe 3d fabric, 5-10 mm. thick, inside forms an elastic cushion of air that dampens shocks and vibrations. The use of three-dimensional fabrics also allows us to obtain bandages of greater thickness (7/12 mm.)that give the slab more cohesion properties and a very nice appearance.

Highlights the frame obtained from the resin in combination with the 3D tissue.

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