Suitable for materials with small, medium and large breakages, it is obtained through the use of a patented and exclusive system of our property

Which provides for the use of airtight bags where it creates a vacuum of air and through the use of special epoxy resins, liquid or thixotropic, you get maximum penetration and perfect healing of the block. The process, in addition to learning the correct application technique and the use of the right products and materials, requires equipment for the creation of vacuum and its maintenan- ce, in conjunction with the correct application technique and the right consumables. X Bag provides the bandaging of the block, with a strong penetration into the surface of the material (up to50 mm.) and allows you to get a shirt extremely resistant, greater than that we can get with other systems,comparable only to that achievable through the use of the autoclave (vacuum chamber). X Bag is suitable for all types of materials when we are faced with small, medium and large fractures, totally broken blocks or in the case of thin but deep fractures.

X Bag is the most efficient system, allows high penetration of the resin and is effective with the material more broken and destroyed.

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