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Choosing an epoxy system means determining the success of your business. This is why your material deserves more, you need only the best. This is why Repox invests in research and development, to guarantee you the best performances. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are our best success. Repox offers ultra-clear epoxy systems with very high transparency, high stability to sunlight and long life in stock. The constant use of adhesion promoters allow us to obtain epoxy systems that do not peel off also in the mostdifficult applications. The extreme quality and constancy in the choice of raw materials allows to have products always in the front line.

Trusting is good. Repox is better.

In any relationship, starting on the right foot, makes all the difference. Repox, likes to be clear right from the start: prices, availability, times and service mode. But what we are most interested in is building a real bond. For this reason we believe in our vision, in the quality of our products, in the skills of our people. Even in good manners. The market today has changed in an extraordinary way; there is no longer a second chance to make a good first impression. We are ready. Now, try us out.

Structured with a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory where it carries out all the tests necessary to always find the best solutions, Repox performs tests of chemical compatibility, yellowing and Stress Strain Test. Quality and safety are always guaranteed.
An efficient sales network branched worldwide, composed of agents and distributors, allows us to reach all markets where it is necessary to resin natural stone. The Repox sales force is subject to continuous and rigorous refresher courses, so as to consider it a first real consultancy.
The internal logistics allow us to produce, deliver and distribute products with very short lead times. Dynamism, quality and service. The reasons for our work have deep roots.
You will never be left alone. Repox guarantees technical assistance, country by country, zone by zone. We always support the customer in the conduct of their work, a Call Center responds daily by phone, chat or e-mail always within 24 hours.

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